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Arab Hosting Network data centers are state of the art facilities in multiple locations across of the USA. With Arab Hosting Network, you can rest assured that your valuable data are secured and fully protected. Because your satisfaction is our most important concern, we provide an online daily status report of our network status.




   Arab Hosting Network Data Center

Data Center Locations
CDC-01 - Bedford, Texas USA
CDC-02 - Chicago, Illinois USA
CDC-03 - Los Angeles, California USA

About Arab Hosting Network

Arab Hosting Network Data Center-01 (CDC-01) Specifications
CDC-01 sits on top of a OC-48 SONET ring. This SONET provides our Data Center with Tier 1 connectivity to numerous network carriers. It provides our clients with the fastest, most reliable Internet connectivity, unmatched by any other hosting provider in the industry.

We currently have 335 Mbits of bandwidth allotted to CDC-01 and we are currently utilizing 35% of that bandwidth during peak times and 15% at off-peak times. CDC-01 bandwidth is expandable up to an OC-192. Additional bandwidth will be allocated as needed. By purchasing bandwidth from multiple backbone providers, over 97% of the Internet is viewed as a private network from CDC-01. This network architecture provides Arab Hosting Network's customers with unparalleled network performance and network availability.

General Specifications:
Rack UPS devices and server power management systems to ensure uninterrupted service. UPS devices deployed in parallel redundant configuration with N+1 redundancy to diesel generators.

100 tons of air-conditioning to 20,000 sq. ft of static free and humidity-controlled (40% (+/- 5%)) server rooms keep CDC-01 running at a chilly 58 degrees (+/- 2 degrees) which ensures maximum server reliability. All air-conditioning in configured with N+1 redundancy.

Gas based fire suppression systems protect each server in case of a fire.

Emergency backup systems that include a 245,000 watt diesel powered generator capable of powering CDC-01 for more than one 240 hours. We have a contract for emergency refueling that can take place within 30 minutes notice.

Full daily client-content backups and hourly system backups ensure no data loss to any CDC-01 housed server. Each week a complete tape backup is taken to Arab Hosting Network's offsite fire-proof storage facility to ensure no data loss in the event of natural disaster.

CDC-01 contains a separate, limited-access room for its co-located servers.

Network Specifications:
Bandwidth - CDC-01 has 4 DS-3 connections and 1 OC-3 for maximum redundancy - 45Mbits to E.spire; 45Mbits to PSINet; 45Mbits to Global Crossing; 155Mbits to Qwest; and 45Mbits Genuity.

In addition to the DS-3 and OC-3 connectivity, CDC-01 is lit with 10 T1 connections to UUNET. Currently 0% utilized at peak times of the day (T1's used in emergency fiber cuts only).

BGP4 is being used on all border and core routers to ensure the closest and quickest path between every request is utilized.

Routers - 1 Cisco 7513 is the core router of CDC-01; 1 Cisco 7206VXR is the border router of CDC-01. Both are configured with Cisco's hot standby router protocol (HSRP) which will re-route traffic around network failures

Switches - 1 Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Etherswitch with full GigE connectivity; 25 Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series (used as hot replacement units only in case of a card failure in the Cat 6500)

Network Interface Cards - Bay Networks 100Mbit Ethernet Adapters

Racks - 19'' seismically braced

Cabling - Category 5

CDC-01 is a carrier-neutral facility with cross-connects available to all bandwidth providers on 10Mbps, 100Mbps or 1000Mbps (GigE) connections.

Security Specifications:
24/7 Guard on duty

35 Motion detectors

30 Internal cameras

24/7 Secured access with key swipe entry, thumb print verifier and a double-locking man-trap at every door within the datacenter and on exterior

24/7 Alarm monitoring by ADT

Personnel Specifications:
4 Senior Level Systems Administrators maintain the UNIX servers

3 Junior Level Systems Administrators work with Senior Level to help ensure everything in Data Center is done on-time

3 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers maintain the Windows 2000 servers

3 Microsoft Certified Professionals assist MCSE's in their daily duties

Network Monitoring Specifications:
24/7 monitoring of all servers by trained professionals

Custom monitoring software monitors all vital web ports to ensure no loss of connectivity or data.

Power Specifications:
2 megawatts of dedicated power

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