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Arab Hosting Network is build to give the user a full capability over the features needed in their plans. So go ahead with our customizable, user-friendly, and powerful Arab Hosting Network Auction Suite.




   Arab Hosting Network Auction Suite Features

  1.  A comprehensive, professional user interface that makes navigation simple

  2. Auction classifieds or traditional auction settings configuration takes under 2 minutes. Colors and tables can be easily changed to match the look and feel of your system

  3. Supports HTML front-ends

  4. Unlimited categories and items

  5. Category listing lists number of open items per category item listings list items, closing time, and current bid

  6. Automated e-mail validation registration system keeps non-legitimate users out of your database

  7. System generated (changeable) passwords sent to users via e-mail

  8. Optional non-registration mode allows fast posting or bidding by anyone users may update their contact information

  9. Any registered user can post an item using the easy-to-use submission system

  10. Images can be posted along with an item description and starting bid

  11. Supports reserve prices which allow a seller to set a minimum sell price above the minimum bid

  12. Seller determines minimum bid increment and length of the auction

  13. Item preview before an item is actually posted

  14. Each item is given a unique ID number and URL, so sellers can advertise their auctions in newsgroups or via a link

  15. Item display lists bidding history and product information

  16. Bidding is easy with the minimum bid price displayed on the item page along with a quick bid form

  17. Current server time displayed above closing time

  18. Outbid e-mails automatically sent by the system with a link back to the auction item

  19. Sniper protection: auctions can close a configurable time after the last bid and the designated closing time

  20. Integrated search engine allows search by username or keyword

  21. Users can view closed auction history and contact information depending on whether the he/she is the buyer, seller, or losing bidder

  22. Auction items may be deleted or updated by the system administrator using a password

  23. E-mail sent to both high-bidder and seller on auction close

  24. Fast re-posting of items that were not sold

  25. Data file construction allows experienced administrators to add, remove, or edit items or users by simply editing a plain text file

  26. Everything is compressed into a single lightning-fast perl script

  27. Advanced file locking system eliminates the risk of data corruption even during heavy bidding times

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