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Arab Hosting Network managed dedicated servers are state of the art hosting solutions for individual website hosting, e-business sites, or corporate network or Intranet. Our plans can offer you the latest technology to allow your e-presence to prosper on the Internet. With Arab Hosting Network's 30-day money back guarantee, 99.9% up-time guarantee and 24 hour live toll free technical support, it is no wonder why Arab Hosting Network is chosen time and time again as one of the top Arabic web hosting companies.




   Dedicated Servers Frequently Asked Questions

  Should I choose Unix or NT/Windows 2000?
  What is the difference between SCSI and EIDE?
  What is RAID5?
  What is RAID1?
  What software is included with NT/W2K servers?
  How long does it take to get my server after ordering?
  Can I add more IPs if needed?
  What type of support can I expect on a dedicated server?
  Can anyone run a dedicated server?
  How do I set-up accounts/features on my server?
  What's name-based hosting?
  Will I have root control (switch/super user access)?
  Will there be a statistics program installed on my server?
  Does Arab Hosting Network provide DNS service to my box?
  What tape backup solutions do you offer?
  You advertise your servers as "Managed." What does this mean?
  Can I upgrade my server?
  Do I have to sign a long term contract?
  What if my server hardware fails?

Should I choose Unix or NT/Windows 2000?- Top
Unix is a very versatile and stable platform that serves a number of Internet functions well. It is great for email, live or canned streaming of audio and video, web page servicing and as a test-bed or scripts, programs or security measures. Unix is the cost leader as its cheaper to operate and maintain. Over 80 % of the world's web servers are Unix-based Unix is very versatile in the fact that there are thousands of free applications available on the Internet.
NT/Windows 2000 GUI makes it the most user-friendly as it provides a familiar feel and operation like that of your desktop office machine. It integrates well with other Microsoft applications and there are tons of commercial applications available for this platform such as MS SQL, Exchange, Access and Microsoft Office. NT/W2K is less stable that Unix and cost more to license and operate. With our ServerMonster administrator controls on the Unix side, Arab Hosting Network's Unix-based servers are as easy to use as a NT/W2K box.

What is the difference between SCSI and EIDE? - Top
The primary difference is that SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) has a processor built into the drive which allows for faster read / writes. The EIDE (Enhanced IDE) drives rely on the CPU. SCSI is a good option if you are planning to run a database. EIDE is suitable for standard web serving.

What is RAID5? - Top
RAID Level 5 distributes the parity among the drives. This can speed small writes in multiprocessing systems, since the parity disk does not become a bottleneck. Because parity data must be skipped on each drive during reads, however, the performance for reads tends to be considerably lower. RAID Level 5 is n-1 meaning you lose the disk space of one drive in order to stripe data across the drives. A minimum of three drives is required for RAID5.

What is RAID1? - Top
Raid Level 1 means that one drive mirrors the other. In the event that one of your drives fails, the other will immediately continue to serve data. An additional feature with Raid is that, if one drive is overtaxed, the overflow requests will be handled by the second drive. RAID1 requires two drives, but you will lose the disk space of one of the drives.

What software is included with NT/W2K servers?- Top
Windows 2000 servers come with Windows 2000 Server, IIS 4.0, and PCAnywhere 9.0 installed or Windows 2000, IIS5.0 and PCAnywhere 9.0 depending on which OS you choose. You will have full control of your server. Although you may install any software you like on your server without restriction, we only support software that we have tested to our satisfaction. If you need assistance with software installation we will provide this service at $100.00/hour with a 1 hour minimum billing period.
Click here to see a complete list of NT Server pre-installed software
Click here to see a complete list of Windows 2000 pre installed software.

How long does it take to get my server after ordering? - Top
Generally 3-5 days. All our systems are custom built by our NOC engineers and are pre-tested for 24 hours before releasing the machine to you. 
See our dedicated server plans.

Can I add more IPs if needed? - Top
Yes see our pricing schedule below:

Additional IPs   Startup   Monthly
8 IPs $25 $8
16 IPs $25 $16
64 IPs $25 $64
128 IPs $25 $128
256 IPs $25 $256

What type of support can I expect on a dedicated server? - Top
We monitor the machines 24/7 to make sure your machine stays up and running. Any system operation questions may be directed to support. Individual domain support for your customers such as CGI problems and other things that may arise will be your responsibility. You also get unlimited toll free technical support in our dedicated server call center. We have a dedicated server coordinator to help you with upgrades, sales and customer service questions during normal business hours. Our technical support center is open 24x7x365 for your dedicated server support needs

Can anyone run a dedicated server?- Top
Yes. We have developed proprietary systems and programs that we install on every dedicated machine - ServerMonster. With this system anyone with little to no knowledge can run a dedicated server. ServerMonster is completely menu-driven and allows you to setup domains, administer the mail and multimedia server and do everything imaginable to the server, a user or a domain. If you are using your server as a multi-hosting server (i.e. using it to offer virtual domain hosting to multiple clients) Arab Hosting Network for no additional fee will assign you a personal 800 number to have your clients call into to receive direct, anonymous technical support for our support engineers.

How do I set-up accounts/features on my server? - Top
We have designed a powerful easy-to-use ServerMonster administration system to help you set-up accounts, features and users in minutes, without the need to learn the complexities of UNIX based configuration files.

With your administration system you can:
  • Add/delete domains
  • Add/delete users
  • Park domains
  • Install FrontPage Extensions
  • Activate Wusage
  • Set-up MySQL databases
  • Set-up mSQL databases
  • Update name servers
  • Allocate disk space limits
  • Add Majordomo lists
  • Add/remove users and POP accounts
  • Add Real Audio/Video
  • Add/remove FTP only access
Additionally you can install and customize numerous free ware scripts we provide:
  • Guestbook
  • Simple search
  • Click and go query box
  • Random text script
  • WWW board
  • Free for all links page
  • Formmail.cgi
  • Cgiemail
  • Graphic counters
  • Setup PHP
  • Install shopping carts
  • Click and go script
  • Add Referrer logs
  • Delete a user.
  • Wipe out a domain.
  • Modify user's name.
  • Batch remove domains.
  • Disable login access.
  • Disable email access.
  • Completely disable a domain.
  • Enable login access.
  • Enable email access.
  • Completely enable a domain.
  • Install a SSL certificate.
  • Restart the RealAudio and Video server.
  • Install the following free, pre-configured scripts

    • 1. All standard scripts
    • 2. Guestbook
    • 3. Wusage
    • 4. Simple Search
    • 5. Click and Go query box
    • 6. Random text script
    • 7. WWW Board
    • 8. Free For All Links page
    • 9. Whois Query
    • 10. Formmail.cgi
    • 11. Cgiemail
    • 12. Miva
    • 13. ShopMonster
    • 14. Banner Rotation
    • 15. Resellers Scripts
    • 16. User Database
    • 17. MonsterControls
    • 18. Password protected web page
    • 19. Boutique shopping cart
    • 20. Graphic Counter
    • 21. Chat
    • 22. Miva Order
    • 23. Sitepop
    • 24. Let's Take an Order
    • 25. Miva Merchant 2.13
    • 26. PHP 3
    • 27. Miva Merchant 2.22
    • 28. Auction
    • 29. Mail.cgi
    • 30. SiteInfo
    • 31. VBPro Guestbook
    • 32. Monsterbook
    • 33. Raw Access Logs
    • 34. BWI (Banner Wheel Industrial)
What's name-based hosting? - Top
Name Based hosting allows you to serve multiple virtual domains from a single IP address. Name based hosting does not affect the performance or appearance of the domains hosted.
The advantage of using Name Based hosting is that it is much easier to administer a single IP address. It also means that number of sites you host is not limited by the number of IPs you have available.

Will I have root control (switch/super user access)? - Top
Yes, you will have complete "root" access on your server. You may install any software you like on your server without restriction and can resell services at any rate you like.

Will there be a statistics program installed on my server?- Top
We provide Wusage 7.0 for all domains on your server, this will provide each domain with statistics and visitor usage information. You will also be provided with total traffic statistics broken down by domain.

Does Arab Hosting Network provide DNS service? - Top
Yes. We provide complete seamless entry into our DNS. This is done automatically each time you use ServerMonster to add a domain to your server.

What tape backup solutions do you offer?
- Top
Arab Hosting Network offers free daily backups of your server. As an additional service we can install tape drives in your machine directly for you to operates as you see fit. The advantage to having your own tape drive is that restore requests you can do yourself and will not have to pay us $50 per request. For additional fee you can also setup live mirroring of your drive. If you order this service we will install our BackupMonster software and an additional hard disk.

You advertise your dedicated servers as "Managed." What does this mean? - Top
Our Managed Services include:
  • Software Installation and Configuration: Client must provide configuration instructions.
  • Extended Server Support: Troubleshoot problems for individual domains as well as fixing/correcting errors within the stipulated monthly support time.
We do not support Application development and configuration, such as configuring commerce software or database applications. We can help trouble shoot the set-up of these, however we will not control the implementation.
Arab Hosting Network provides extended managed services at the following pre-pay rates of:
  • 2 hrs per month @$150
  • 5 hrs per month @$300

Managed services are performed between normal business hours, i.e. 9am and 11pm CST Monday through Friday. Services required on nights, weekends and on public/national holidays will be charged at the rate of $150/hr, over and above the monthly support fees.
All managed services have a minimum billable period of 1 hour.
Engineer Services can also be purchased on a per incident basis at the rate of $100/hour. High priority, emergency support services are also available at $200/hr.

Can I upgrade my server? - Top
Yes, If we ever upgrade our plans or you require a server with more extensive resources, for a one time $150.00 reconfiguration fee we will upgrade your server. We build every server to that it is very easy to scale, grow and expand your machine at any given time. You will then be charged for the new monthly fee of the new plan you choose.
Click here to see our current list of dedicated server packages.
Click here to see our current list of dedicated server addons.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?- Top
No. Arab Hosting Network's prices are the lowest in the industry. All of our advertised prices are based on a 12-month commitment. You pay month-to-month but are committed to keeping a server with Arab Hosting Network for 12 consecutive months. We will allow you to sign a short 3-month term. You must add 10% to the monthly cost if you elect the 3-month term payment.

What if my server hardware fails?- Top
Arab Hosting Network staffs our datacenters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with NOC engineers capable of handling any software or hardware failure. Arab Hosting Network stands behind every dedicated server we lease. We keep inventory on hand for every machine we build including completely built "hot-swap" machines in case of a complete system failure. We will replace any of the following parts should they break at any time during your dedicated server lease. The following system components will be replaced free of charge anytime during your dedicated server lease:

  • Free parts, labor and installation
  • Ethernet Adapters / Network Cards
  • Case / System Enclosure
  • Video Card
  • Sound Card
  • Floppy Drive
  • IDE / SCSI Hard Disk Drives
  • Surge Protector
  • CPU
  • RAM Modules
  • Motherboard
  • Device Controllers / Adapters (floppy / hard disk controllers)
  • CD ROM Drive
  • UPS Device
  • Any Cable (Network / Power etc.)
  • 300W Power Supply
  • CPU Fans / Cooling Device

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