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Arab Hosting Network offers MIVA Order e-commerce system that will allow you to setup and manage your own storefront with a built-in shopping cart and credit card processing system.



   MIVA Order

Miva Order is a browser based Storefront and Catalog development tool that integrates cataloging, product maintenance, category management, shopping basket, order and credit card processing. The software is organized as a series of modules that can be field upgraded to provide new functionality without any changes to the core system.

Feature Quick Summary

Link into catalog from any web page
SSL integration for ordering and reporting
Automatic shopping basket maintenance
Unlimited look and feel control
API based replaceable modules
Multiple and unlimited fulfillment options
Multiple and unlimited sales tax setup
Multiple and unlimited shipping methods
Multiple ways to find products for editing
Configurable currency layout
Batch and archival management of orders
E mail notification of orders
Advanced dynamic white space compression
Quick installation and auto data file setup
"Buy One Now" button can be added to any web page
Database driven, modular architecture
Context sensitive online help
File upload of images and products
Interface to other applications.
Online Credit card authorization
Cross Platform: 8 Unix, Windows NT, Win 95, Win 98
Fully Scriptable, XML compatible source code included.

Virtual Domain or Dedicated Domain
Because Miva Order runs on top of the Miva Engine, it is ideal for either virtual domain or dedicated domain implementations. The Miva Engine takes care of all of the details of virtual domain management allowing Miva Order to run identically in either environment.

Database Management
Thousands of categories and products can be maintained in Miva Merchant without sacrificing performance. The database architecture of the system provides for instant organization and fast product search while maintaining complete compatibility with other systems. You can use dozens of different database management tool to access Miva Merchant xBase compatible data files.

Database Management
All products are displayed in a single page shopping system, lettin g your potential customers choose from thousands of products, add the quantity desired and purchase them in real time. Miva Order also comes with files to connect it to CyberCash, PaymentNet, and Cybersource for credit card validation. If you do not have a real time payment processing firm, do not worry, Miva Order will verify the credit card number to be valid and let you charge the card by offline software or other means.

Cross Platform
All application and database files used by Miva Order are 100% cross platform and need no conversion to work with over seven different Unix platforms and Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT. Developers and merchants can protect their investment in catalog development if they have to switch to a different architecture. Also, Miva Order can be used with Miva Mia, the free personal version of the Miva Engine, providing a complete off line development environment.

Modules can be developed for the following sub-systems:
  • Fulfillment - User Interface & Shipping
  • Payment Currency - Sales Tax & Batch Reporting

Existing Site Integ ration
Developers who have already built sites in HTML can simply hyperlink directly into the Miva Order system. All of the Storefront functionality such as product lookup, category presentation, shopping basket, and order forms can be accessed as components of existing HTML based web sites.

All sensitive data can be encrypted with SSL prior to transmission including order information both during the customer ordering process and subsequently during order processing.

Online Help
New users can operate Miva Order in the novice mode with detailed prompting information about each field and overall informat ion about screen usage.

Open System
Because Miva Order source code is completely available and it uses a web browser as its user interface, it is the most customizable solution on the mar ket today. The entire system is based on a standards oriented architecture allowing for excellent integration with other software using industry standard protocols and interfaces.

Friendly Site Administration 
Miva Order requires no daily management or intervention from busy system administrators. Installation takes less than a minute on any Miva Engine enabled system with several automated installation scripts provided free by Miva Corp. to Arab Hosting network.

System Requirements
Any Unix or Windows web server with the Miva Engine installed.

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