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Dedicated Unix-based servers run a customized version of Red Hat Linux and are optimized for performance, reliability and scalability. Our Unix servers can provide a vast array of functions for your organization or personal needs. Possible uses included web servers, email servers, DNS servers, news servers, FTP servers, multimedia servers and much more. Our Unix machines are perfect for the non or new server administrator as each of our machines come pre-configured with our proprietary administration software that makes setting up domains and features as well as all server administration quick and easy.



   Pre-Installed Software

  • No restrictions, you can install any software you want
  • 10/100 Bay Networks Ethernet Adapter
  • Dedicated 100 Mbps switch port
  • 300W power supply
  • UPS device
  • 40X CD-Rom
  • MonsterControls - a control panel for each of your clients` domains.
  • Majordomo full listserver program - with automated setup procedure
  • Wusage 7.0 statistics program, a comprehensive visitor statistics for each domain on the server
  • Red Hat Linux 5.2 (Custom) and Apache 1.3.19 web server
  • Free DNS for each of your domains (ns/
  • Sendmail 8.8.5 mail server
  • Support for VocalTec Internet Phone, TrueSpeech Digital Audio, VRML, Macromedia's Shockwave
  • Support for Vream - Virtual Reality Authority Software, Voxware, VivoActive, Midi
  • Support for Sizzler, Fractal, FutureSplash, Infinop's wavelet image compression
  • Unlimited email aliases, mailing lists, auto responders
  • Bandwidth software to monitor your server's switch port. Our software updates your server statistics every Sunday to show you each of your domains bandwidth consumption so you can bill your clients for applicable overages
  • Webmin - Web-based control panel to operate, administer and configure your dedicated server
  • Unlimited custom e-mail boxes (
  • SSHd and SSH 1.2.22
  • Site Monster Software lets you make as many custom web sites as you need for FREE!
  • Root access - you will have complete root access to the entire server
  • Daily server backups included free
  • Custom server name - we will name the machine any name you choose so that all logons and system messages are unique to your company
  • Free upgrades - when we upgrade the software or hardware on our shared servers, we upgrade our dedicated machines at the same time
  • PGP 2.62 for safe encrypted email
  • Perl 5.004, C, C++, Java JDK 1.1.7, Python 1.5 & TCL 7.6 Compilers, Emacs 20.4
  • Anonymous FTP and CGI bin
  • Secure server ready - Apache Freeware SSLeay with GD support, mSQL and mySQL databases
  • Real Audio / Video Server 7.0
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000 extensions
  • Pre-installed cgi-scripts - Every script is added to each domain you setup
  • Dedicated Server Hotline - direct line into our NOC to speak direct with personnel 24 hours a day with any issue regarding your dedicated server
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Short 3 month minimum contracts

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