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Premium UNIX Plan is a full hosting plan that provides the environment for future explanation, great options, and a full control over all resources via a control panel. With a massive disk space, and virtually unlimited bandwidth, premium UNIX plan is a superior plan in terms of flexibility and value.



   Account Features

Disk Storage 600 MB
Bandwidth Allowed Per Month 20 GB
Number of Domains Per Server 254
Domain Registration ($22/year) Yes
Static IP Address Yes
Full Control Via a Private Control Panel Yes
Instant Setup Yes
Site-Monster Software Yes

   Email Features

POP3 E-mail Accounts (configured in real-time) unlimited
Unlimited E-mail Aliases (Forwards) Yes
Unlimited E-mail Auto-Responders Yes
PGP 2.6.2 Yes
Unlimited Mail Lists Yes
Personal SMTP Mail Server Yes

   Technical Support

"True" 24 Hour Toll Free Support Yes
99.9% uptime guaranteed per year Yes
30 Day Money Back & Price Freeze Guarantees Yes
Detailed Online Billing (view your invoices, 
   statements and complete account history 24x7)
Monster-Chat (24/7) Yes


Let's Take An Order Shopping Suite Yes
Cybercash 3.22MCK Included ($100 value) Yes
Secure Server (SSL) transaction encryption Yes
SSH - Secure Shell Yes
Server Side Includes (SSI) Yes
Password Protected Directories Yes
PHP 3.0.15 with GD support Yes

   Chat Software

JAVA Chat Rooms Yes
Volano Chat Room Yes

   Additional Software

Enhanced Support For FrontPage 2000 Extensions Yes
Real Audio / Video 7.0 / G2 Servers Yes
MIVA Empresa Engine Yes
mSQL 2.0.3 / mySQL 3.22.25 Database Yes
Support for Vream (Virtual Reality Authority SW), 
   Voxware, Vivo Active, Midi and IPIX
Support for Sizzler, Fractal, FutureSplash, 
   Infinop's Wavelet Image Compression
Support for VocalTec Internet Phone, TrueSpeech 
   Digital Audio, VRML, Macromedia's Shockwave
Wireless Application Protocol Ready (WAP) Yes

   Advanced Features

CGI Bin (full access-no script approval!) Yes
Pre-installed cgi-scripts 15
Custom MIME Types Yes
Unix Shells: bash, csh, tsh Yes
Perl 5.004, C, C++, Java JDK 1.1.7, 
   Python 1.5 & TCL 7.6 Compilers
Emacs 20.4 Yes
Pine, vi, elm, Joe, Pico & Cron Tab, .htaccess Yes
Majordomo / # of lists 1
Custom Error Documents Yes
Private Name-Servers (ns./ns2) (If needed) $25/mo.

   Website Management

FTP Access / # of accounts 1
Anonymous FTP Yes
Telnet Access / # of accounts Yes

   Website Monitoring

Site Backups Daily
Site list with 2500 search engines Yes
Downloadable Raw Access Logs Yes
Graphical Referrer Logs +$2/mo.
W-Usage 7.0 Graphical Statistics Yes

   Hardware and Network

Server Hardware Dual-850 Mhz Pentium III
Server Operating System Red Hat Linux (Unix)
Server Software Apache 1.3.19
Network Connectivity 5-DS3, 10-T1
Uninterruptible power with UPS
   and backup generator

   Payment Terms

Setup Fee $25
Monthly $19.95


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