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Arab Hosting Network - Advanced Website Hosting


No other operating system can touch the speed, reliability and the feature list that Unix has. With over 150 different pre-installed features Unix is the choice operating system for 8 out of 10 web hosting clients. Streaming audio & video, unlimited email accounts, PGP, secure server SSL access, Miva Empresa, and total account management using our exclusive MonsterControls system are just a few of the hundreds of features each Unix account comes with.



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Arab Hosting Network is a certified domain registrar. We will register your domain for $22/year (Network Solutions charges $35/year). If you choose "no" it is your responsibility to register your domain with another domain registrar and your web hosting account will not be fully functional until you do. Do you want Arab Hosting Network to take care of your domain registration?


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*** If you selected the 'Customize it Plan,' then please specify in the comment section below what base plan, extra services, and features you would like to have, and the final cost will be determined based on your selections. See Add New e-Business Features for the Extras Available.


Real Audio/Video with G2 Capability 
     ($10 per month for Basics account only)
FrontPage 2000 Extensions (FREE)
Graphical Referrer Logs ($5 per month)
Java Chat Room ($5 per month)
Volano Deluxe Chat Room ($10 per month)

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Quarterly (3 months prepaid)
Yearly (12 months prepaid)
24 Months (24 months prepaid=2xYearly-15%)

Arab Hosting Network is secure. We use the industry standard secure socket layer protocol to protect the security of your online order information. SSL technology encrypts your order information to prevent it from being decoded by anyone other than Arab Hosting Network.

Credit card fraud is a felony. Arab Hosting Network will prosecute anyone attempting to misuse a credit card number. This transaction is being logged. If you have any questions please email us at

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All server leases require a 12 months contract commitment. If you desire a 3 month term, you must pre-pay all 3 months, the startup and 10% additional fee.

Please type your full name AND email address in the box below. By doing so and submitting this form to Arab Hosting Network you are agreeing to the terms, conditions and acceptable use policy previously set forth by Arab Hosting Network. This is a binding document. By placing this order you are requesting service from Arab Hosting Network, and therefore do incur all fees associated with the provisions of said service. Your server will be setup within 7-10 days from the time payment information is received.

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