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Arab Hosting Network is dedicated to serving our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are proud to introduce our Hosting Support help desk to answer all your questions and inquires. You can certainly trust your E-Business to Arab Hosting Network! Our hosting plans are backed with a 30 days money back guarantee.



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  Monster Chat
Exclusive Arab Hosting Network feature - chat direct with an Arab Hosting Network  technical support team 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They will help you with any technical question you may have.

  Trouble Tickets
Do you have a technical issue? Open a trouble ticket now and have your issue resolved within a few hours.

  Unix Shared Hosting FAQ
Having problems with your Unix shared hosting and would like to see how you can resolve them! then try our Unix Shared Hosting Frequently Asked Question page.

  NT/Windows2000 Shared Hosting FAQ
Need to know how to solve most common problems with your NT shared hosting account, setup scripts, setup your email! check our NT/Windows2000 Frequently Asked Question Page.

  Unix Dedicated Server Manual and FAQ
Got a dedicated server? Want to learn more about Linux, or see how we make it happen, visit the online information section on dedicated machines.

  NT/Windows2000 Dedicated Server FAQ
Got a Windows-based dedicated machine? View our online manual for the latest help topics on how to setup, administer and operate your dedicated server.

  Arab Hosting Network FAQ
Have a question about Arab Hosting Network, acceptance policy, payment methods, than check our Frequently Asked Questions web page.

  Knowledge Base
Mail not working? Miva engine not working or is your "site down?" Our Knowledge Base from our Hosting Support Site, contains quick fixes for most of your problems.

  Unix/Windows Shared Hosting Manual
New to the 'Net? Forgot how to FTP or use Server Side Includes? Visit our online tutorial for information from the simplest of tasks to the hardest.

  Hosting Support
Need more help with your account, more information about your hosting service, or need to know how to do a specific task, then try our Hosting Support Site or chat with one of our support team members.

  Terms and Conditions of Use
Terms, conditions and acceptable use policy with the use of Arab Hosting Network's server and equipment involved in Internet services.


  Upgrade Your Package
Change or upgrade your account type.

  Add On New Shared Hosting Features
Complete account add on center for features like Miva Merchant, Majordomo Listserver, mySQL Database.

  Add On New Dedicated Server Features
Need more IP addresses, disk space, or bandwidth, than check out this page for available add on features for dedicated servers. Also, see shared Hosting addons above for more add on features for individual IPs (domains)..

  Remove Add On Features
Have too many features in your hosting plan! would you like to remove some! just fill out the following form and submit it.

  Cancel Your Account
Do you want to cancel your service? Fill Out this quick and easy form. We hate to see you go!

  Make A Payment
Forgot to send a check? Visit the online payment center to pay via credit card (Master Card, Visa, American Express) or online check.

  Overuse Payment
Have you exceeded your allowable bandwidth or your allocated disk storage, then please feel free to make an advanced payment towards your account.

  Billing Questions
Got a question about your bill, then contact our billing department by filling this form and submit it.

  Update Your Account Information
Need to update your contact information, credit card information, or need to contact our accounting department, then try this form.

  Backup Request
Lost some files or want to backup your site to a CD?

  MX/A Record Changes
Do you need to host your own mail or www record? If so, you can request a DNS entry with this quick and easy form.

  Add mSQL / mySQL Databse
Need to add mSQL or mySQL database into your account, then check if you have this option as part of your package, then fill our this simple form and submit it.

  Other Additions
Need to add other features to your package that are not listed in this page or in your plan's add-on features! then just let us know what do you exactly need and we can help you with it.


  Site Monster
Need a free, custom site design? Use our proprietary SiteMonster software to make as many custom web sites as you need. Try it today!

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  Employee Feedback and Rating
How would you rate the Arab Hosting Network staff? Do you have any comments, suggestions or complaints about a team member? We want to hear about it. Take a few seconds to let us know about your experience.

  Suggestion / Feedback
We want to hear all your suggestions!

  Contact Information
For sales information, technical phone numbers, or for any other question, please visit our contact page or just send us an email at: 

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